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Main limitations:
Program Tree Editor does not let you control indents in file strings. Usually it is indent in the tree and an additional tab sequence with a length equal the level of node. Exception is multi strings symbol constants.
Program Tree Editor not supports whole Unicode. Correct viewing is possible for ASCII characters.
(ASCII characters include all English characters, so you can work with Unicode files if you use only English language)
Translation a text to the tree takes some time. Speed is 10 sec/1 Mb for Pentium IV 2000 MHz with 256 Mb. I do not recommend open big files with size more than 5 Mb.
Auto completion of words is limited by 5000 words to each file.

Limitation for directives using
Program Tree Editor does not support a code where a directive statement damage braces sequence. In such cases editor cannot translate the text to a tree correctly.

Unsupport code sample
Wrong directives

Directives #else, #endif and #endregion must be stay on equal braces level to its #if, #region directives.

Limitations for blocks
This limitations is actual only for "compact" mode translation text to tree.
One statement must have one multi strings braces block.
Initialization multi strings braces block must be last in statement.

Unsupport code samples